Why a journalism award

Traffic accidents are a tremendous scourge in today's society and, as a result, broadcasting news about road safety is essential to make people aware of the need to be responsible drivers.

Consequently, to encourage the media to talk and write increasingly on this problem which claims nearly 3000 lives in Spain each year, since 2004 we have presented the Línea Directa Road Safety Journalism Award.

The award, which has been presented every year for the last eight years, aims to encourage and support the creation, publishing and broadcasting of information relating to road safety in the media.In spite of the short history of this Award, which goes for his ninth edition, already it has turned out to be a role model in the the journalistic area.

It exists three categories dedicated to the mass media, each of them endowed with an economic award:

  • Press.
  • Radio.
  • Television

In addition Línea Directa's Road Safety journalism award has other two awards, trought which the company recognizes the commitment with the road safety of foundations, institutions, NGO and out-standing personalities:

  •  Línea Directa's Solidary Award: endowed of 9000 euros.
  •  Línea Directa's Honorific Award: without any economic endowment.


Premio periodístico

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