Travel Assitance


Línea Directa Asistencia is our vehicle inspection, loss adjustment and travel assistance company. It deals with every aspect of road assistance, emergency procedures, risk checks, loss adjustment and repair work.  

Travel assistance: we offer assistance to the vehicle and its occupants 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. This service covers Europe and is available in Spanish, English and German.

Loss adjustment: a structure of over 200 different points throughout Spain and an advanced claims adjustment system allows us to offer a quick and effective loss adjustment service. Also, thanks to our advanced system of photo-adjustment, we are able to carry out the adjustment process in an average time of 25 minutes.

Vehicle Checks: we offer a quick response in our inspection service. The use of new technologies, such as the Pocket PC, allows us to check the condition of the vehicle on-site and transmit this information in real time. 

Intelligent and environmentally-friendly handling of waste materials: By means of a website designed by Línea Directa Asistencia a telematic auction is held among a network of national scrap dealers.

It is also one of the areas most appreciated by our customers as the Net Satisfaction Index (NSI) standing at 81,44 clearly shows.

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