Calendar 2013

Línea Directa has made this Solidary Calendar for the Road Safety in order to add our effort to the reduction of the road accident in Spain, as well as to promote the support to the victims' associations of traffic accident, as AESLEME, which accomplish a very important awareness task. 

Why a Solidary Calendar

Being aware of the problem of the  of large rate road accident that mostly the young people suffers, Línea Directa launched Night Assistance, a free service for the youth, so as to reduce the accidents in this group.

Now this Solidary Calendar is an invitation to the youth to think about driving carefully and put in practice healthy habits in the car plus the importance of prevention.

An approach to young drivers

The messages of awareness that enunciate each month the solidary calendar for the road safety are a complement to the impartment of formative meetings in several Spanish universities, in which technical specialists in Road Security of the AESLEME Association, insisted on the risks and consequences of the traffic accidents.

A Línea Directa volunteer's team reinforces the message to the students during the distribution of the solidary calendar in the different campuses.

Collaborate with AESLEME

This action has been possible thanks to the collaboration of AESLEME Association. Línea Directa also has wanted to contribute with an economic donation, which will be destined for the task of awareness that they develop trough in several formative cycles focus in young people, until 17 years old.

From here, we encourage you, to collaborate in this cause, by joining as a member of the Association or by making direct donations. More information in


Línea Directa wants to thanks the altruistic collaboration of different public personalities with a high recognition as well as of the volunteers of AESLEME Association, who have made possible this calendar.To all of them, thank you for believing and sharing the illusion in this project.

Making of

During the Photo shoot the environment was very special. There was entertaining moments but also very emotional, as it reflects in the videos that gather the making of.

Versión Multimedia Calendario Solidario por la Seguridad Vial


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Making Of Colour

During the photo shoot there was a distend environment and therefore occurred very animated and entertaining moments.