Calendario 2014

For the second consecutive year, Línea Directa has produced a Solidarity Road Safety Calendar as part of its effort to do everything possible to reduce the number of accidents on Spanish roads. On this occasion, in collaboration with the Juan XXIII Foundation, the aim was to highlight the vulnerability of intellectually disabled people and the importance of promoting their involvement in road safety issues.   

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Road safety for everyone


The project, which aims to transfer values of accessibility and integration to road safety issues, also includes the involvement of the winners of Línea Directa's "Our Values" Company Awards, presented each year to the insurer's employees. The overall objective is to normalise the concept of disability by integrating it into society and encouraging active participation by disabled people to overcome social challenges and problems.   


In 2014 Línea Directa will develop a Road Safety Programme to offer training to intellectually disabled people from the Juan XXIII Foundation. The company aims to improve the safety of this group, and is aware that their involvement in road safety issues is a key factor in their fight against vulnerability.


A network of volunteers from Línea Directa, with the aid of guidance from expert psychologists in education and social workers from the Foundation, will provide training which focuses on road safety (as a pedestrian and passenger on public and private transport) and safety in the home (which is sometimes a key aspect to the individual becoming autonomous on a daily basis). 


Juan XXIII Foundation

The Juan XXIII Foundation is a privately run non-profit making organisation dedicated for the last 40 years to improving the quality of life of intellectually disabled adults and promoting their social integration through all-round care covering educational, therapeutic, psychosocial and socio-professional aspects. 


Línea Directa has an active partnership with several foundations such as the Juan XXIII Foundation, the Aprocor Association or the Randstad Foundation, which promote the integration of intellectually disabled people into the workplace and society as a whole.


Línea Directa uses the Foundation to offer its employees a comprehensive personal and professional programme offering advice to people who need to look after family members  with intellectual disabilities. 


The company also sponsors a treatment room in the Juan XIII Foundation Day Centre, where, in 2014, employees from Línea Directa will give training on road safety and safety in the home to intellectually disabled people.


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Thank you

People from the Juan XXIII Foundation and employees from the company who were winners of the "2013 Our Values Awards. People who make a difference".


Thank you to all the participants in this calendar. Their joy, smiles and the affection they displayed were in evidence throughout the day.  

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