How can I participate in the Línea Directa selection processes?
To participate in any of Línea Directa's selection processes, you must register your CV on our website, in the section "Work with us".
From that moment you will be a user and you will be able to modify or remove the data you have sent and you will be able to select those vacancies which you consider to match your profile.

Can I apply for an offer if I don't meet the minimum requirements?
Yes, you can apply for the offer, although we give priority to candidates who meet the requirements of the profile which we are searching for.

How can I know how my application is progressing?
Our selection team will keep you informed throughout the application process, informing you when you must attend the tests and/or the interviews arranged.

Can I register my CV even though there is no offer which matches my profile?
Of course you can register your CV. By doing this, we will have your personal details on record and we can consider you for selection processes in the future.

How do I know if my personal details have been entered correctly?
When you register your CV and/or apply for any offer, you will receive an electronic confirmation message.

I have entered my personal details on the website but I would also like to send my CV. How can I do this?
The registration form where you enter your personal details offers you the possibility of attaching files.

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