Corporate Values

Our values

Línea Directa's Corporate Values -respect for others, a spirit of self-improvement, enthusiasm, a focus on results and clarity- form an essential part of our culture and serve as a guide in all our human resource operations.

These values are intrinsic to our operating principles and our behaviour and attitudes towards everybody who forms part of Línea Directa.

Respect For Others
Treat your colleagues as you would like them to treat you. Help to promote team work and to make each individual give his or her best. Appreciate effort and recognise the achievements of others. Listen to your colleagues and customers and make an effort to see things from their point of view.

Spirit of self-improvement
Always ask yourself how we can do things better and put forward proposals. Be creative and innovative. Your opinion is very important but so is the opinion of others. Give, accept and stimulate constructive criticism. Be demanding with yourself and develop your own spirit of self-improvement.

Be enthusiastic in everything you do. Work hard and have fun at the same time. Think about the customer as the recipient of your actions. Always maintain a positive attitude.

A focus on results
Honour your commitments. Act in a way which sets an example to those around you. Put good ideas into practice; they are more than just words.

Keep things simple. Simplify everything you can. Be clear and sincere in your communication with others. Share whenever possible.

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Telefónica Ability Awards

Telefónica Ability Awards

Línea Directa gana el Premio Ability Awards 2012 en la categoria de Mejor Gran Empresa Privada