Línea Directa Aseguradora is a company committed to the people. That's why; she disposes of large number of politics based on the conciliation, the integration and the equality which made her worthy of different awards.

  • efr

    Línea Directa has been certified by the MásFamilia Foundation as a Company familiarly responsible. This certificate recognizes the firm commitment to pursue the conciliation of the personal and professional life, the equality of opportunities and the diversification. The Foundation wanted to distinguished Línea Directa, especially, for the quality in the job offer, its hourly and spatial flexibility, as well as its initiative directed to the professional development.

  • Madrid Excelente

    The Comunidad de Madrid recognize Línea Directa as one of the organizations which orientates its management towards the client and do it successfully, that's why they have honored it with the award Madrid Excelente. This recognition, besides being a pride, supposes reinforcement of our business model and to our idea of the client being the center of all our activity and that more than 1.800 professional's work.

  • MasHumano

    Linea Directa has been the first insurance company to join Red Mashumano that belongs to Women, Family & Work Foundation. It is a big step where a lot of efforts are concentrated to establish more human policies in people management that prove the ability to achieve a more human and productive environment. The company has numerous measures of staff and work balance that are continuously improving through experience exchanges among the companies that belong to this network.

  • Capital Humano

    Linea Directa has been awarded with a special mention of the Human Capital Awards in innovation by its policy of learning itineraries that take the learning concept beyond the mere learning activity. The learning itineraries are based on a route that let the participant to cover stages. Each stage involves different learnings to provide a global overview of the position, the company and the insurance market to the employee. The Human Capital Awards were created in 1997 with the objetive of excel at best practices in people management.

  • Charter Diversidad

    Linea Directa has recently joined Charter de la Diversidad de España, a project promoted by the European Commission which aim is to promote good practices in management and inclusion of diversity in companies, institutions and Spanish public institutions. Since its creation, Línea Directa has shown a firm commitment to values of Diversity and Equality through its participation in several initiatives such as Family-Responsible Company Certification, Member of MasHumano or the award as Ability Company, among others.

  • Fundacion Randstad

    In the VI Social Action Award of Fundación Randstad, Línea Directa has been rewarded to the category of a company which facilitates the persons' social and labor integration with different capacities and in risk of social exclusion. The Plan of Corporate Voluntary work and the internal program " Sin Límites", have been specially recognize by the Foundation.

  • Ayuntamiento de Tres Cantos

    Tres Cantos City Hall has recognized Línea Directa as a Company with a responsible hiring for his good practices in matters of Corporate Responsibility in his management of Human resources. This recognition places in the different services and programs of the City Hall addressed to facilitate the persons' incorporation with disability to help to improve his quality of life and that of his families.