Social entities

  • Randstad Fundación

    The Foundation works for the persons' Social-labour insertion with difficult access to the labor market. Línea Directa collaborates with them in several iniciatives: "Plan tu sumas " , which offers a Social-labour Orientation's service to employee's relative with some type of disability; Integration Plan, for the labour integration of persons with disability in the company; Collaborate Plan that involves different action or activities to people from Línea Directa.

  • Fundación Juan XXIII

    Línea Directa Collaborates with the Juan XXIII Foundation, whose objective is the Social-Labor integration of persons with disability. Through the Foundation, Línea Directa put at everyone from the company and relatives in disposition of an integral program of personal and professional advice directed to the employees in charge of intellectual disabled relatives .Línea Directa sponsors a room of assistance for seriously affected persons from the Day's Center of the Juan XXIII Foundation.

  • Fundación Integra

    The Integra Foundation work as a nonprofit company for the labour insertion of persons that belong to Groups of social exclusion. Línea directa's collaboration with the foundation is based on the commitment to facilitate the labor integration of the above mentioned groups in jobs inside the company, assuming the Integra Foundation the accompaniment in the labour insertion in order to culminate successfully.

  • Aprocor

    The Aprocor Foundation is a private nonprofit entity whose aim is to offer opportunities that permits labour and social insertion of disable persons with the purpose of improving his quality of life and of his relatives. For that, Línea Directa offers the possibility to carry out internships in the company in order to promote the integration and the job creation of disable persons.

  • Ángeles Urbanos

    Ángeles Urbanos is a private and charitable association, whose main objective is the reception, attention and integral education and the labor follow-up of persons with intellectual disability and his relatives. Trough out the donation of food and economic contributions, Línea Directa cooperates with the association. Also Línea DIrecta took part in the challenge that the association develops that it consist on achieving 100 Km in 24 hours; for every runner or a team of runners that achieved the finishing line, the company donated 200 € to the association.

  • Entre Culturas

    Entreculturas is a NGO which supports projects that promotes the education in unfavorable towns, especially in Latin America, Africa and Asia. At the moment, through the campaign "Dona tu móvil" Línea Directa collaborates in the collection of cell Phones. The obtained benefits from the recycle of those are address to humanitarian projects, as well as the contribution to the environmental care.