Our groups of interes

All our corporative actions follow to get the welfare and satisfaction of our customers, staff and suppliers. Morover, we collaborate with all those institutions, ONG, consumers and media mass that share our objectives.
Plan de responsabilidad corporativa
  • Customers


    Our business model aims to offer the customer efficient, innovative and socially responsable products and services. The key piece in this model is the customer.

  • Employees


    The successful running of a company depends to a large extent on the motivation, training and experience of the team of people of which it is made up.

    As a result, we employ enthusiastic, enterprising people who show team spirit and are always customer-focused.

  • Suppliers


    We search for quality, a sense of involvement and good Corporate Responsibility practices in our suppliers, which is essential if we are to reach our final objective: customer satisfaction.

    In order to achieve this, we have introduced the Annual Suppliers Award, which recognises these three aspects.

  • Other groups of interest


    In addition to our commitment to customers, employees and suppliers within our corporate responsibility, at Línea Directa we also focus on society in general and, in particular, on those institutions, charities, consumers and media which work for road safety, respect and protection of the environment, social education, community work and safety in the home.  

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Road Safety Journalism Award