Mission, vision and commitments of Línea Directa

Our mission:

To provide our experience and to make it available to our clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers and, for extension, to the whole company, generating wealth, safety and an environment of a more responsible and sustainable life for the people. 

Our vision: 

To become a  reference insurance because of our respect to the groups to which we relate, specially clients, employees and suppliers. To be the forefront of the innovation in the insurance sector and to promote values associated with the road safety, the safety in the home, the environment and the sustainability.

Our commitments:

As an organisation we are committed to:

  1. Road and household safety.
  2. Transparence and integrity with employees, customers and suppliers.
  3. The environment and sustainability.
  4. People and the development of a good working environment.
  5. Society in general.


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