We are fully aware of the importance which safety has in the home and as with our insurance lines in this sector, Línea Directa promotes lines of operation which lead to a domestic environment which is both safe and reliable.

One of our most important measures is a survey on how much Spanish people know about home insurance.

The report, which you can consult here, shows that a high percentage of the population (9 million homes) are still virtually unaware of the importance of home insurance and do not have it. Among those that do have it, there is a lack of knowledge, as nearly half do not know the conditions of the contract or what exactly is covered by the policy. In addition, most people think that they pay for items they do not require, in spite of which, very few have thought about changing the policy. Price is a key issue here.  

In one of every five homes there is at least one accident a year, and as a result, at Línea Directa we want to underline the importance of protecting our property and purchasing a worthwhile home insurance policy for all types of residence, whether they are first or second homes.   


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