Since we began our operations in 1995, promoting and improving road safety has been the main focus of our corporate responsibility.

Developed through different initiatives, our final objective is to contribute to a reduction in the number of road accidents in Spain and encourage safe driving habits. In 2014 Línea Directa Aseguradora presented the Línea Directa Foundation. With its slogan "For Road Safety. Here and Now", the Línea Directa Foundation is aimed primarily at promoting safe driving habits in society and preventing any more deaths on our roads.

In order to achieve this, we have introduced measures such as safe driving courses, newsletters with information on road and motorbike safety, or our Road Safety Journalism Award, with which, year after year, we promote the broadcasting of road safety news in the media.

In addition, in order to obtain a deep understanding of the main risks which Spanish drivers take, the determining factors in vehicle accidents or the most recent topics regarding road safety, we produce annual reports and studies in collaboration with leading national institutions such as the Traffic and Road Safety Institute in Valencia (INTRAS), the Spanish Foundation for Road Safety, (FESVIAL) and the University Institute for Automobile Research (INSIA).

Within our line of operation on the road, we focus on two large areas:

Road Safety

We have designed numerous products and services focusing on improving road safety and all aspects relating to the number of road accidents.

  • Night-time Assistance for Young People and Motorcyclists: around 45 percent of accidents in which a driver's blood alcohol level is over the permitted limit involve people under the age of 26. As a result,   Línea Directa offers assistance and free transportation to policyholders under the age of 26 who have consumed alcohol or feel unwell, and also offers to transport their vehicle. In addition, this service is available to all motorcyclists, and is also free of charge.
  • Full medical Treatment: guarantees those people injured in traffic accidents full, immediate medical treatment totally free of charge and available via a completely private network of medical assistance in hospitals and clinics of recognized standing. The driver and the occupants can get back to their daily life in an average of 2 months and 15 days. 
  • Road assistance for the deaf: this service, which forms part of the agreement to collaborate with the Spanish National Confederation of Deaf People (CNSE), allows users to get in contact with the company simply by sending a text message from their mobile phone. The assistance team will confirm, also by text message, that they have received the request and will go to the required location.

As part of our commitment to road safety, we have developed new lines of research and analysis to promote safe driving habits in our country. One of the most important measures is the Fundación Línea Directa Road Safety Journalism Award.

Children and mobility

We also work to promote road safety among the youngest members of society and, in order to achieve this, two years ago we introduced a line of strategy aimed at children. This consists of a prevention and education campaign designed to avoid accidents affecting one of the most defenceless groups of people: children.

As a result, in 2010 we produced a study and a website in collaboration with the Road Safety Foundation (FESVIAL) about road safety in Spanish education centres. The study, which you can see here, examines the surroundings of over 170 schools with the aim of detecting the shortcomings and strong points regarding road safety in the education centres of our country. 


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