How we operate

In Línea Directa Aseguradora we follow three basic operating principles which define our way of experiencing, understanding and constructing everything that we undertake: innovation, people and quality.

  • Innovation


    Innovation forms part of Línea Directa's constantly developing business model, leading to improvement and a search for new channels in what we do and keeping us at the forefront of the insurance market.


    Thanks to our firm commitment to innovation, we are able to introduce quality products and services which offer the customer great value and contribute to an improvement in road safety. This is the case in socially responsible services such as Young Drivers' Night-time Assistance or Full Medical Treatment.


    We listen directly to the customer, analyse his or her requirements, put forward ideas and implement ground-breaking and effective solutions which allow us to anticipate our policyholders' demands.  

  • Quality


    Quality is a strategic value present throughout the company and inherent in our corporate culture, due to the fact that in Línea Directa we strive for excellent service at the top end of the insurance sector offering our customers total satisfaction.  


    In order to achieve this, we periodically evaluate our policyholders' satisfaction levels and their recommendations, and we also assess how we are meeting their expectations, taking into consideration aspects such as customer service, support, accessibility, efficiency, transparency and the fulfilment of our commitments.   


    In recognition of our work we received the Madrid's Excellent Customer Confidence Award in the Large Company category and the Madrid Excellence Stamp, both of which were awarded by the Madrid Foundation for Excellence.

  • People


    Without any doubt, a major part of our success is due to the talent and performance of our employees, currently numbering over 1,925, who make Línea Directa such a great organization.  


    In order to maintain the levels of commitment, motivation and enthusiasm in our team, we implement active policies of disability integration, work-life balance, and the promotion of training as a professional development tool.


    This commitment to people and quality employment has been recognised in various ways. For example, we were awarded the Family Friendly Employer Certificate (EFR), the Ability Company Stamp and the Randstad Foundation Award for our Corporate Responsibility policies in 2011.