We began operating in Spain in 1995 with a clear focus on an innovative business model: the sale of car insurance by telephone, without brokers or other intermediaries. Subsequently, and thanks to our firm commitment to quality and competitive prices, in just two years we had sold our first 100,000 policies. 

As soon as we entered the insurance market, it was completely revolutionised, as it had traditionally been a sector where the customer did not make any attempt to compare the products and services offered by insurers, a role which was often left to insurance brokers. It was in this context that Línea Directa Aseguradora was set up, a company which, for the first time, offered completely personalised prices depending on the characteristics not only of the vehicle, but also of the driver and his or her requirements.

In 1999 we were the first to introduce the option of purchasing insurance by Internet, and, as a consequence of our experience in the insurance market, in 2003 we launched motorbike insurance, followed in 2008 by home insurance. As a result, we are currently ranked 5th in the motor insurance sector.

Our approach has always focused on innovation when designing and developing new products and services designed to meet the needs of our policyholders.