Our complete service of purchasing and processing insurance for vehicle fleets has made us the first company in Spain to offer companies great value, quality insurance via the Internet. 

This type of insurance covers all kinds of vehicle fleets, whether they belong to an individual who is self-employed, small and medium-sized businesses or large companies. In addition, it offers the same features as private vehicle insurance: from Third-party insurance to Fully Comprehensive, with or without excess, and with the same benefits and cover.  

We also offer our policyholders a Fleet Controller who, apart from being in charge of all the processes which need to be carried out, is also in direct contact with the customer and whose main task is to adjust our services to fit the needs of each company perfectly. 

In 2011, we launched insurance for lorries and farm machinery, making us the first direct company to offer insurance to all sectors of the automobile industry. The new product is designed for second-category vehicles, including rigid lorries, tractor heads and trailers with a maximum authorised mass (MAM) over 3.5 tons. We also insure agro industrial machinery whatever its MAM, including tractors, trailers and fork-lift trucks.  

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