Our customers' opinion is a key aspect in our innovation model, due to the fact that our final objective is none other than to meet their needs and anticipate their demands as quickly and effectively as possible. It is for this reason that customers are undoubtedly the most important piece of our innovation process.

When creating new products and services, we pay a great deal of attention to their recommendations, we analyse them in minute detail and design the most suitable solutions, keeping channels of dialogue open which allow us to incorporate their opinions and experiences into our value chain. 
As such, many of our products are designed and launched as a response to the demands conveyed to us by our policyholders at key moments such as travel assistance, repair work or suggestions that we receive by telephone or via the Internet.

In order to put this innovation into practice, we also have a room specifically designed to create new ideas and carry out market research, where we hold brainstorming and group focus sessions as well as both one-to-one and group interviews.

We have introduced some of the most innovative services in the market:

  • Full medical treatment: a service completely free of charge for all the occupants of a vehicle insured by Línea Directa which has been involved in a traffic accident. Those injured have access to a completely private network of health assistance which guarantees them full and immediate medical treatment.   
  • Night-time Assistance for Young People and Motorcyclists: a service which is the first of its kind in Spain offering policyholders under the age of 26 night-time assistance and free transportation by taxi at no extra cost. This service is also available to all motorcyclists.
  • Mobile apps: very useful apps for Android and iPhone mobile devices, such as En ruta (En route).
  • Legal Assistance Service: additional cover which offers motorists insured by Línea Directa legal advice from registered practising lawyers on topics such as housing, consumption, family law, labour law, motoring queries and penal law.
  • Road assistance for the deaf:: drivers with hearing problems can take advantage of a special help service designed specially for them which they can use to get in contact with the company by text message. As a result, we can send them immediate confirmation that we have received their request and sent the recovery vehicle and the assistance services to their location. 

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